(The title was my wife's idea)

Free fresh semen (AI only) from a husband and wife who care.

I am a free sperm donor in Colorado.
We do not offer natural insemination, AI only



Country of Residence:   United States of America
US State:   Colorado
Age:   36
:   5feet 8.5inches
Weight: 210
Natural Hair Color:   Black
Ethnicity:   White/ Caucasian
Eye Color:   Hazel
Blood Type:   A positive

Marital Status
:   Happily Married

Relevant Health History:   I'm healthy still at 36.  I'm a little overweight but I don't think it's genetic. I've spent too much time working in front of a computer these last few years.  I've recently had an epiphany and am exercising, watching what I eat, and feeling great.  I'm also drug, tobacco, and even caffeine free except the caffeine found in chocolate.  No soda, and no coffee for me. 
My parents are both healthy at ages 71-72. My dad takes blood pressure and cholesterol medicine.
My maternal grandmother lived to 89years/11months.
My paternal grandmother died at 72 due to emphysema from smoking. Her mother(my great grandmother) lived to 94.
My maternal grandfather lived to 64. He was a lifetime smoker, died at home with no autopsy. He may have had a heart attack or stroke. The family feels he worked himself to death. He was poor and worked about 68 hours per week until he died.
My paternal grandfather lived to 83.
My mother has 5 siblings in good health with my oldest uncles being 80 and 75 years old. Both are still active.
I and both of my parents required glasses as adults.  I started wearing them at age 35.  I'm only slightly near sighted.

Genealogy: My ancestry is virtually 100% English/Scottish.  On my mother's side I had 4 ancestors on the Mayflower and it goes back to Mary, Queen of Scots.  On my father's side, I am a direct descendant of Stephen Douglas who ran for president against Abe Lincoln. I am willing to provide a fairly detailed copy of my genealogy if a recipient or their child is interested.

Current Job/ Career:   Internet Marketer - Self Employed

Reasons for Donating
:   I love my children. It is the meaning of life. I'd love to help someone else achieve the joy and bounty I have in my life.  My wife loves the idea too.  Our children bring us so much joy, we'd like to help others have the experience.

This idea of donating represents a facet of our love of children and family.  We had looked seriously into establishing an adoption agency, and consider it an option we might pursue again in the future.  Donating seems like another way to help families become complete.

Type of Donor:
  Your choice, either "known at 18+" or anonymous. We are not prepared to co-parent.

Any involvement After Conception?
:  Either anonymous forever or known at 18+ is OK. I have a family with 5 kids (2 stepchildren) to take care of, so cannot afford to risk their financial security to a paternity case. While co-parenting is not something we have ever considered, we did consider that some contact and being known would be acceptable.  After further educating myself regarding the legal issues, we would have to be unknown to the child until the age of majority.  In Colorado this is 18 years.  I would need a notarized contract to protect my family from liabilities. You will want one from me to protect you from any intrusion on my part.  Our contract will be air tight to protect both parties from interference by the other.  I can provide the contract or will consider signing yours.  We consider the needs and desires of your child to be very important.  The years fly by and it is important for you to have a plan regarding what you will say (or not say) to the child about sperm donation.  The donor sibling registry has been established for children who wish to connect with donors or with biological half-siblings.  A large percentage (about 60%) of donor produced children are informed in their teenage years and are angry about having been 'lied to all these years'.  It is considered wise to tell children at a young age, so you can practice the kind of words you want to use to talk about it.  As a stepfather to 2 teenagers, I understand the need for a united front.  If, after your child reaches 18 years of age, they choose to contact me, we will be friendly, open, and accepting to them.  I will also be unquestionably supportive of you as the 'real' parent to them.  I will back up any decisions you have made and tell them I agree with your decisions because you love them and have only wanted to do what you thought was best for them.  In other words.  I will never do or say anything that might undermine your position as their parent(s).  Although we would be happy to have open lines of communication with the child at 18+, we will never make any effort to make the first contact.  That will be up to you.  Being anonymous forever is OK with us also.  This decision is yours and we will respect it.

Hobbies and Interests:   I enjoy entrepreneurialism, business and investing. I am a stay-at-home dad and support my family by working from home. My 3 baby girls are amazing and enjoying their childhood is very important to me. My children are my #1 hobby. But I also have an artistic bent, and enjoy making sculptures.  I have a powerful love of pets.  In my early 20's I managed a pet store, and have kept and raised all sorts of pets. I like mead-making and we go camping with friends for several days 3-4 times per year. Also, I am a hobby beekeeper.

Personality Traits:   I'm a real family guy who is not really interested in sports although in High School I achieved a high ranking belt in Tae Kwon Do.  I place time with my family as more valuable than money, and we make some sacrifices so that mom and I can both be stay-at-home parents.  I'm intelligent, not a genius, but my IQ of 143 is in the 99.7925836483 percentile. This means that 1 in 482 people has an IQ equal to or greater than mine. My intelligence is balanced between both sides of my brain. I make my living doing very analytical internet marketing strategies but enjoy being a sculptor as well. There are some downsides to intelligence. I have suffered from stress off and on for years. Smart people can worry about things normal people don't even think about. It is also more difficult for me to find people I can have a satisfying conversation with. Sorry that sounds so immodest, but this seems the proper place for such talk.
I'm happy to talk about feelings, children, and life endlessly in a way that some men can't handle. (strong feminine side) This may be social rather than genetic as I was raised by a single mother.

Success rate:   My wife and I understand that there are many people who may need assistance conceiving. We would like to help. Regardless if you are straight or lesbian, single or a couple, we will be happy to discuss it further with you.  My schedule is open so timing shouldn't be a problem.
As a final note, two of my girls were conceived on the first try, one of them we conceived on the 2nd cycle. My wife could tell she was ovulating, and that was the end of it; or rather, the beginning. We have successfully helped 2 lesbian couples so far. One had a girl and the other had a boy. We were starting to think I might be one of those guys who can only produce female offspring. So far, we're 100% successful with local donations. Though there was some trouble with timing of donations so it took a few tries to succeed.

This gift would be from my wife as well. She would be present, and would be the one to hand over the specimen to you.  I ask that you treat her with respect and show her some appreciation for her generosity.  I am her man and it is no small thing that she would share this gift with you.  She is a kind and charming woman and is the center of our family.

Contact: Initial contact vial e-mail please superdaddycolorado@yahoo.com then we can exchange phone numbers.  You can ask to speak to me, my wife, or both of us.  Whichever makes you more comfortable.

Timing and Location: Timing is everything with this endeavor. We are in the country in rural Eastern Colorado.  We would request that you come to one of the small towns near us to receive a donation.  We have read stories of other donors having their time wasted by multiple recipients.  Please understand that this endeavor requires sacrifices on our part.  You must be 100% committed to this before making an appointment.  We consider driving to our location to be a demonstration of your commitment.  While we live in a somewhat remote area which may be an inconvenience today, you may find that in raising your child you are happy that we are not living in the same town.  We are willing to donate more than once per cycle if you are doing the traveling.  We are in Eastern Colorado and less than a days drive from areas in Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah.  The closest town with lots of rooms to choose from is Lamar, CO. The Holiday Inn Express was built in 2010 and is probably the nicest place in town. There are several economy places in town as well. We are also close enough to Eads, CO. which is closer to Denver. It only has one hotel which is a little older.

Shipping: After doing quite a bit of research on the subject and attempting to ship to one recipient we've decided not to offer shipping. It is my belief that shipping to recipients is probably doing them a disservice because it is very likely to be a waste of their precious time and money. There are accounts of successful pregnancies, but they are few and far between.

My advice to you based on LOTS of reading about it is that shipping should not be considered for any recipient over 30-35 years of age. You just can't afford to waste several months before seeking a local donor. If you are in your twenties and have time and money to waste, then it might not be a mistake to "give it a try". Our experience was that we spent 5-6 months attempting to ship to a recipient. Every month she would determine that her fertility window was falling on a Sunday or Monday. We skipped 3 months because the timing wasn't right, and sent 2 shipments improperly timed because she was understandably tired of doing nothing. Once, we sent it early and once we sent it late. We agreed that we were off by 2-3 days both times. With shipping, you MUST deliver the shipment within a 24 hour window of fertility.

If you still think shipping is worth trying, I would advise you to try to find a donor near an airport who is willing to ship your donation via air cargo. If you use a service like Delta Dash you can potentially get the shipping time down to just a few hours and greatly increase the chance of conception. Next day air services like FedEx and DHL are just not fast enough. What happens to the shipped sperm is that it lives for a certain number of hours then most of it dies off all at once and the sample becomes worthless. The number of hours it will live while refrigerated depends on the donor and other conditions like temperatures. My understanding is that most donors sperm should survive for hours, but that they will rarely live for 24 hours. Your donors sperm for example might very realistically live 10-15 hours so that using Delta Dash will work, but using FedEx will fail every time.

Lastly, if you decide to ship sperm, I would advise you to get a scope of some sort so you can verify sperm motility on arrival. If it shows up dead the first time, you don't need to waste more months with that donor.

Again to clarify.... my wife and I won't ship. It's a 6 hour round trip to the airport for us. If we lived closer to the airport, I might consider donating via Delta Dash. I'm convinced that next day air is not good enough. But if you decide to try it, you should advise your donor to ship right before closing, and you should try to be at your local FedEx/DHL/UPS facility to intercept the package at 6am before it even gets on the delivery truck. Make careful arrangements so that you minimize shipping time and you might just get a baby for your efforts!

STD Testing:  I have been tested by Peace of Mind for the "Peace of Mind Sexually Transmitted Disease Panel" which includes:
Chlamydia/Gonorrhea DNA, SDA (Urine), HIV Antibody EIA with Reflex to HIV 1 Western Blot, Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and 2 IgG Type specific antibody, Hepatitis C antibody, Hepatitis B Core Ab, IgM, Hepatitis B Surface Antigen, and Syphilis
Additionally tested negative for CMV (
I tested negative for all results and will consent to being retested or tested for additional diseases or genetic conditions at your expense. Feel free to e-mail me for a copy of the STD testing results.
Update: Tested again for STDs and came back negative. I will gladly provide you with our most current results if you're considering using us as your donor.

On the day of donation: We will require a location in order to prepare the sample for you. This usually will mean a hotel room.  We have read that sperm produced during intercourse is more likely to produce a child, and is provided in greater quantity. Therefore, that is the method that my wife and I will use to produce the sample.

The sample will need to remain in the dark and be transferred from our care into yours and injected as close as possible to your cervix as soon as possible. You will need to have a pipette, syringe, or some other insertion device in order to inject the sample. We have read that the Instead cups work well for some people. We will provide the sample in a sterile collection cup, placed inside a dark paper bag. The longer the sample is outside of the body the less effective it becomes, so being within close proximity to you when the sample is collected is extremely important.

Other sources of information: Please educate yourself if you haven't already regarding fertility awareness and timing. 

I found the following information very important:
A study by Barrett and Marshall has shown that random acts of intercourse achieve a 24% pregnancy rate per cycle. That study also found that timed intercourse based on information from a Basal body temperature only method of fertility awareness increased pregnancy rates to 31%-68%.(49.5% average)  (Note: We do not offer natural insemination, AI only.) Studies of cervical-mucus methods of fertility awareness have found pregnancy rates of 67%-81%(74% average) in the first cycle if intercourse occurred on the Peak Day of the mucus sign.

Ovulation predictor kits (OPKs) can detect imminent ovulation from the concentration of lutenizing hormone (LH) in a woman’s urine. A positive OPK is usually followed by ovulation within 12-36 hours.  These are cheap and easy to find next to the pregnancy tests.  The day the LH surge is detected is the day to have your donor ship the semen.  When it arrives the next day, you will be ovulating. You can get LH test kits at any pharmacy including Wal-mart, Wal-greens, etc for about $20.

Saliva microscopes, when correctly used, can detect ferning structures in the saliva that precede ovulation. Ferning is usually detected beginning three days before ovulation, and continuing until ovulation has occurred. During this window, ferning structures occur in cervical mucus as well as saliva.

I would like to provide more links and references regarding fertility monitoring techniques.  If you have personal experience with a great and inexpensive product on the market which you would recommend to others please e-mail me the information and I'll post it here for others.

Thank you for this link.  Here is a great how to do home artificial insemination page written for a lesbian couple, but which surely will be helpful for any woman wanting a pregnancy.  The Instead cups seem to be a popular trick.


We wish you the best, and for your baby dreams to come true.